What is Outsourcing?

outsourcing beneficios

Outsourcing, subcontracting or externalising consists of entrusting the management of certain tasks or processes, which are not the company’s main activity, to a company that has specific knowledge and experience in this area.
The processes and services considered to be the company’s competitive advantage, should be managed internally or ‘in house’.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

It increases productivity
One of the main reasons is improving productivity and increasing efficiency. The main company can then strategically focus 100% on the company’s main activity, thus delegating other types of services.

It reduces costs
Infrastructure and staff costs can be saved on. Up to 50% can be saved as the outsourcing company will take care of maintaining and managing their own staff. Furthermore, one only has to pay for the work done.

It saves time
When work is delegated, responsibilities are also delegated, which means that less time is spent on managing tasks.

What Outsourcing services does Sternaliza provide?
We have years of experience, our own professionals and tools, all of which enable us to efficiently manage tasks and processes in sales, transportation and logistics, finance and marketing, by investing less time and resources.

How do we do it?
Sales: we are dedicated to constantly searching for and researching providers, as well as negotiating conditions and prices. Our main aim is to optimise the value chain by minimising costs as much as possible.

Logistics and transportation: we look for optimum solutions to manage our clients’ products as well and continuously carrying out turnover and costs mock-ups.

Finances: We have our own applications for improving, managing and optimising financial costs. We provide investment project formulation and assessment.

Marketing: We conduct market analysis, as well as product and provider analysis, industry comparative studies and benchmarking.

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