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Category: Logistics and Transport

When diesel goes up, the associated costs in tractors go down When diesel goes up, the Ministry says that the costs associated with diesel in tractors go down. According to the Ministry, in the month of November, the price of diesel reached €1.0517, which means a decrease of 0.7% in comparison to the same month in 2015, according to the Transport Costs Observatory, published by the Ministry of Public Works. Compared to the month of October, direct costs have fallen…

Mergers in maritime operators

Fusión en el transporte marítimo

Recently, there has been significant concentration in the division of maritime shipping containers. The three biggest Japanese operators, MOL, NYK Line and K Line are the protagonists of the merger agreement. The main reasons are big losses of more than €1.35 billion since 2012. These unions were made with the aim of reducing these costs through scale economies. Currently, the 10 main operators in the world control 77% of the market. Experts are already referring to these companies as the…

UPS introduces 3D printing by the end of the year

UPS is one of the largest parcel service companies in the world and it delivers more than 14 million parcels to more than 200 countries worldwide every day. In order to save time in its logistics centres, UPS is bringing innovative, on-demand 3D printing to Spain by the end of the year. When a client requests a part and it is not yet available, the user will not have to wait. These printers will manufacture the parts with the aim…

What will future transport be like?

The new features, services and products that were presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles International Exhibition in Hanover (the leading international trade fair for Mobility, Transportation and Logistics), gave us many hints as to how transport will be like in the future. It was also clear that digitisation and electrical mobility will play a major part. The exhibition highlighted proposals and news from the Daimler group, who have positioned themselves as pioneers in connectivity, efficiency and safety. The Mercedes PRO…

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