Euroquimica works in the sector of coatings and special paints designed to cover diverse needs of the industrial sector, always researching and producing under its own formulas and developments, an extensive range of products. Euroquimica has been a pioneer in Spain in the development of high-end paints.

We manage purchases through the chemical products purchasing center and design purchasing strategies for their main matters, manage non-strategic purchases and, analyze and manage all transportation, through annual savings programs.

Grup Peralada is a family business group present in many sectors: leisure, culture, viticulture and industry. Grup Peralada has invested in new projects, expanding the scope of territorial action, always with the distinctive seal of quality

We work on the control and improvement of transportation. Strategic and cultural change in supply management from the warehouses to the final customer, with a strong modernization and innovation in the processes. We have achieved a very important improvement in costs and service.

FMC Foret specializes in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets worldwide. Total revenues in 2014 were $ 4.5 billion. FMC employs 7,000 people worldwide and its companies operate in three segments: FMC Agricultural Solutions, FMC Health and Nutrition and FMC Lithium.

We analyze and optimize the purchases of non-strategic products in the Barcelona offices. We manage and control the needs of the new facilities of Sant Cugat. We optimize stocks of office and computer material. Provide the renting of computer investments.